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Novenco zerax

The second largest hydro-electric power facility in Norway, the Sima Power Station, replaced their old fans with nine high efficiency ZerAx® fans from NOVENCO as a part of a compre¬hensive energy-retrofit project.
The replacement resulted in at least 30% reduction in energy consumption.

Read more about the project here

Royal Bank of Canada

Located in a prime position within the heart of St Helier’s financial district in Jersey, Esplanade 66, 37 and 27, over a length of 250 m from each other, provide high grade office accommodation at Esplanade Gateway.

For each of those grand and luxurious office buildings, NOVENCO Building & Industry supplied and installed a smoke clearance system with jet fans for the car park area.

Read more about those deliveries on our website herehere

novenco experimentarium

NOVENCO Building & Industry was awarded the contract for design and delivery of a unique fan array with its renowned ZerAx® fans for one of the exhibitions of the Experimentarium, the new Danish science centre in absolute world class.

Read more about this very interesting and unusual project on our website under the link:

car park ventilation

The International Finance Centre, designed by an award-winning team of architects and landscape designers, provides environmentally sustainable Grade “A” office spaces for new and expanding businesses in Jersey. Novenco Building & Industry designed and installed a car park ventilation sys­tem with Jet Fans for the underground parking.

Read more about this interesting project here (pdf)


The wall-mounted smoke exhaust product combines two CE-qualified products, the smoke removal door and smoke exhaust fan into a single product.

In case of fire the fire authority turns on the door to open in the smoke exhaust center. When the door is opened it takes approx. 30 seconds before the smoke removal starts.

Ilmastointitukku can provide a complete system for large and small needs. The system requires a physical installation and control and electrical connections.

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Meiltä huippuimurivalikoima
Meiltä huippuimurivalikoima

Energy-efficient ventilation using Ilmastointitukku roof extractors

Our roof extractors are equipped with EC motors with a high operating efficiency.

Our air extractors are energy-efficient and therefore environmentally sound.
HIIT air extractors are designed for roof-installations of exhaust air systems with roof penetration. Our products are able to extract air up to 3.8 m³/s @ 200 Pa and pressure can be increased up to 900 Pa.

  • Upward blow in all models
  • All our models are equipped with integrated overheating protection.
  • The speed of rotation can be adjusted from 0 to 100% (continuous adjustment 0...10 V DC) and energy consumption is low
  • Regulators/maintenance switches are available as options
  • All models include tilting mechanisms to facilitate maintenance
  • Roof penetrations are available for all models
  • Roof penetrations can be equipped with noise or fire insulation
  • Models 22–63 come with preinstalled power supply and control cables

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Our smokehat combines a smoke extractor fan and a hatch.

Our roof- or wall-mounted SPPIT smokehat includes both a CE-approved smoke extraction hatch and fan in one unit.

The well-insulated and strong hatch minimises heat leakage and condensation. The one-piece hatch has 2 operating arms (by default 24 V, 3.0 A, 1,500 N).

The Novenco ACN fan is certified to operate for 2 hours at 400°C complying with the requirements of the EN 12101-3 standard.

Product benefits:

  • Easy to install – single unit, no assembly needed.
  • Easy to mount – just connect the power and control cables.
  • Thanks to the rooftop unit installations and colour options, the profile of the building is not disturbed and diffusers are not scattered around the roof.


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IV -urakoinnin tukku
IV -urakoinnin tukku
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We have it all!

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