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Energy-efficient ventilation using Ilmastointitukku roof extractors

Our roof extractors are equipped with EC motors with a high operating efficiency.

Our air extractors are energy-efficient and therefore environmentally sound.
HIIT air extractors are designed for roof-installations of exhaust air systems with roof penetration. Our products are able to extract air up to 3.8 m³/s @ 200 Pa and pressure can be increased up to 900 Pa.

  • Upward blow in all models
  • All our models are equipped with integrated overheating protection.
  • The speed of rotation can be adjusted from 0 to 100% (continuous adjustment 0...10 V DC) and energy consumption is low
  • Regulators/maintenance switches are available as options
  • All models include tilting mechanisms to facilitate maintenance
  • Roof penetrations are available for all models
  • Roof penetrations can be equipped with noise or fire insulation
  • Models 22–63 come with preinstalled power supply and control cables

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